Wow….Is It Really Almost March?

Hello everyone!

Firstly I must apologise for my lack of updates! I’ve been on a fair bit of a roller-coaster this year so far. I did mention on my previous updates I was looking to do my Level 2 NVQ Gym Instructor course…well I’m 8weeks in and it seems to be eating my times away from me, but it is beyond worth it!

Had my first two days practical classes at the weekend and I loved it, I’m just so excited to be making a career in the fitness industry as it’s always been a great interest to me. Now being able to help people in the way I’ve helped myself will be fantastic! I have another six weeks before my assessment so it’s head in books, practice in the gym…that is my life at the moment.

Unfortunately my Grandma got diagnosed with cancer, & as my grandfather has Alzheimer’s dementia it’s been tough on everyone. She also has a heart murmur so before she can have an operation she needs to see the cardio specialist, but everything is going into place so we will have to wait with fingers crossed.

I managed to get a stomach virus last week which left me unable to stomach even liquids for 14hours! I honestly thought I was going to die, it took four days for me to get an appetite back but thankfully I’m now on the mend and my appetites back to full force (thank god)! A slice of dry toast was getting boring. It also meant I had to stop training and I had to stop my supplements as I was just unable to take them, I’ve now decided to keep off them until next monday to give my body two weeks just to get back to ‘normal’ then my training and supplementing will begin again.

As I got ill I’ve been unable to finish my review on the Maxitone/Maximuscle CLA supplements. I was starting to see some good results so I will start these again monday and I will re-start my review to make it fair with a new ‘Before’ picture.

That is pretty much it for now, unfortunately I will have to leave it there as I have some muscles to go study :)

Take care everyone, & if you do get ill like me I found dry toast, water and banana’s mixed in with plenty of rest helped alot!

Take it easy xo

Fitness Friday & New Years Resolutions

Good afternoon!

So how’s everyone’s first week of 2012? Have you all kept up your Fitness resolutions? I have all my Goals written out & on my phone but I also have a ‘Goal Album’ which is full of inspiring photos and quotes so if I ever need a boost it’s there at all times!

One of my main goals for this year was to start my training for a career in fitness! This week I booked my place on a Level 2 Gym Instructor course through Professional Fitness & Education. I’m very proud and excited that I had and have the confidence to start a complete career change!

I will keep you all updated throughout my course, my Yellow Brick Road to a fitness career haha :)

I have managed to get to the gym three times this week, although one of those days was my friends induction so it wasn’t a Standard Amy workout. My gym has now got some new equipment so I enjoyed learning about those and how they can aid my training. I’m really just enjoying sharing what I know and being able to help someone to reach their goals…it’s a bit like reading a Hallmark card, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

I have been crazy enough to set a mini goal for myself, by the 26th feb I want to have changed my body composition by gaining more lean muscle mass. It’s not what I would call a serious goal, more like a bit of fun to keep me motivated! Although I’m sure my friend thinks I’m crazy, she’s done two workouts with me now and no matter what the workout I’m happy all the way through it…maybe I am just a crazy lady!

I have ordered some of Maxitones Definity CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) to trial and review so once I receive that I will put a note up on my twitter, once I’ve done the week using them I’ll put the full review up with info!

I did also purchase the Maxitone Chocolate Delight flavour Sculptress shake, honestly it’s like Angel Delight as a kid. I’m in love with the chocolate one and I’m pretty hooked on the sculptress. I’ve not seen a high quality whey protein with Green Tea, CLA, Vitamins and Minerals so I think I’ll be stocking up on this one!

I have a few bits and pieces in the pipeline but I’ll keep hush hush on those for now!

Have a fab weekend! Xoxo